It was once widely thought, to make the perfect Jam, one would use sub-par fruit. Nowadays, the opposite is true. Fresher, riper and juicier fruit produces the best results – every time.

This goes double when carefully selecting the right production crew.

You’re unlikely to pick a second rate team to deliver your event. After all, it’s your name and reputation on the line here.

Jam Productions is an evolution of over 26 years in the trenches developing a specific working knowledge of audio visual and event production. The collective minds behind Jam have been consistently crushing out 15-20 hour days pushing the boundaries of what is possible with event technology all in the pursuit of sheer passion and in-depth client communication.

We spend countless hours designing and digging deep into new ways of delivering remarkable and scarcely seen technologies. Utilising every part of our crew’s extensive knowledge pool to make your event unequaled.

This is your event. Do you really want to use subpar fruit?


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Phone: 0404 092 692 – Justin

Phone: 0488 558 702 – Michael